About Our Farm



The Wallace family has been raising cattle in Gentry County Missouri since 1943. Having grown up with a farming background, it was as close to natural as it gets for me to be in the cattle business. My desire in starting this beef business was in part to help sustain the farm, but also to yield a premium product that only a small, family farm can produce. In the fall of 2020, my family and I were able to purchase the original family farm that I grew up farming as a kid, and it was then that I decided it was time to launch this direct-to-consumer beef business.

We impact this farming lifestyle by trying to raise the best cattle we can, this means buying the best bulls we can, retaining the best heifers, and putting up the best quality feed available.

There are, of course, challenges we face on a daily basis as it is not an easy profession, but it is beyond rewarding. To see the new baby calves in the spring and to know the long road it takes can be tiring but knowing the end result, makes it all worth it. I decided over 10 years ago that I wanted to sell the very best calves that I could, it is thrilling to see this desire turn into reality.

Each member of the family plays a role in making the farm run smoothly. When it comes to working the cattle, we each have our own specific roles that allow us to work in a time efficient manner. Leslie helps sort and pen the cattle, Morgan is typically either running the chute, Lance does most of the grunt work by pushing calves up the alleyway and Alyssa punches them forward and runs the pipe. Without the help of my wife and children, this process would be impossible.  I am hoping to one day pass the business and farm down to my children.